OK, but if that much is to be required of ambassadors, we should also
look for more ambassadors with a social sciences background or have
special training modules for them.

We have ambassadors that are lawyers, doctors, etc. It's not need to have any prior training, yet, we want ambassadors who DO have this kind of background to join the Diversity team, that's the full point of turning this new assignment from a single-person task to a group of qualified people.
The majority of ambassadors, I believe are from comp. sci/engg.
Available resources would need to be adapted for the purpose.
We will need to write a rough guide for best practices with links to
more detailed explanations.

Aye, but writing needs time, research needs time. Lets just all please remember that Diversity is something new within Fedora, and we are slowly getting things done, even if our learning curve has been pushed up due all the attention we are receiving :)

Maria Gracia Leandro
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