In addition to the words bellow, the "D" on D-Conf comes from the "Desktop" word, which means D-Conf is a desktop-oriented wannabe-project. You won´t be able to standarize configuration for say named, dhcpd, resolver, sysctl, modprobe, /sbin/init, network configurations, etc etc etc with it.
On 3/28/06, Shane Stixrud <> wrote:
On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> would have discovered the D-Conf spec and related discussion and
> followed up on it to see how its impacting upstream GConf development.
> All of which happens outside the scope of fedora.

"D-Conf generated a long discussion on's XDG mailling
list. Its objective is to standarize configuration across desktop
frameworks like Gnome and KDE, so no focus is being devoted to global
non-desktop system configurations.

It was very difficult to find the D-Conf website (not found in the end),
and seems that all is available is that XDG discussion, and a wiki page
containing analisys of what is required, and development directions.
Nothing else.

Conclusion: D-Conf is vaporware. "


I hope you are right and D-conf is making a difference, that seems to be
debatable however.  Btw by all means do not be nice on my account, I enjoy
raw personality :).