On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 3:36 PM, Debarshi Ray  wrote:

If you consider that free software is meant for everybody, irrespective of
their technical abilities, then, yes, it creates too much confusion.

There are multiple alternative office suites already in Linux. Adding one more isn't really going to aggravate the problem too much for users especially since there is a default installed already.  The real weakness in Fedora is that our package manager GUI has no way for users to figure out which one is more popular or recommended.  So if I am trying to checkout which games are available in the repo, I have no way to really differentiate between say nethack, openarena and xonotic without installing and going through all of them one by one or reading the dull often not very insightful descriptions and hoping to make some sense of it.  No screenshots, no votes, no reviews,  no top lists  - nothing a regular user would expect.