2011/6/1 Rex Dieter <rdieter@math.unl.edu>
Sergio Belkin wrote:

> What does it occur when an update is revoked and is deleted?
> I've done an updated version of package, made a build and when I write
> the name in Package field I've found a bit odd that new build doesn't
> appear in the combo box. I wonder if I did something wrong...

My understanding, is in bodhi:

1. revoke an update
2. wait for next updates push to get processed

if you don't wait for 2 before deleting, there's a chance nothing actually
happened, and by all accounts, your update is still in the wild (and not

How can I determine that nothing actually occured?

koji info:

Package                 Tag                     Extra Arches     Owner         
----------------------- ----------------------- ---------------- ---------------
UpTools                 dist-5E-epel                             sebelk 


Though, makes me curious, why would you revoke/delete an update, just to re-
issue it again with the same build?

I've revoked and deleted an update because repoclosure reported that the package had unresolved deps.

I didn't reissue, I submit a newer version.

Thanks in advance!


-- Rex

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