On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 10:49 PM, Randy Barlow <bowlofeggs@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
On Thu, 2017-06-08 at 22:17 +0200, Adam Samalik wrote:
> You add the package and other people start to use it. That's great
> until you need to change the version, but can't, because other people
> started to use it as a dependency and it would break their stuff.

I recently heard that it will be impossible to install two packages
that depend on different versions of a dependency at the same time. For
example, if package A depends on C < 2.0 and package B depends on C >=
2.0, it will be impossible to install A and B on the same system. Is
this true? If so, I worry that we will see fracturing in Fedora as
packages drift apart in their dependencies. If not so, I apologize for
the noise ☺

I would say it's "half truth" right now. :-)

There has been no extra work on changing RPMs. If something conflicts now, it will keep conflicting. But!

My immediate answer would be containers. I like using them to run services, I even have my developer environments in containers - so I don't pollute my system. And I even saw people working on "standalone containers" or "system containers" which are basically containers installed by DNF, started with systemd, having all the config files on the local filesystem, tracked by RPM. 

I also heard people talk about Flatpaks built out of modules - that might be a solution for desktop apps.

RPMs... Well, if someone has an application on their server that doesn't run in a container, there are still RPMs on a traditional system. But would you install multiple versions stuff on that single system? Or would other things run in containers? And I'm just curious here, because I managed to use containers for basically everything I need. What about other people?

So, not everything will probably be installable as RPMs on the same system at the same time. But I see the world is going to containers, and I'm thinking if not being to install all RPMs next to each other on a single system is still a real problem. Thoughts? 

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