Greetings and salutations!

It is time once again to choose the name for the next release of Fedora. Suggestions for names will be accepted beginning RIGHT THIS SECOND (October 9, 2012), and ending promptly at the end of the day on October 16, 2012 (23:59:59 UTC). So mooooooove on over, and help to pick out an udderly fabulous name for the next release.

The awesome fine print:

You *must* follow the instructions and guidelines at the page listed above if you want your name to be considered. For instance, there must be an "is-a" link between the name "Spherical Cow" (from Fedora 18) and the name you suggest. That link must be different than previous links for Fedora release names. Names of living people and well-known trademarks will likely be rejected as well. (Apologies to those wishing to make links between spherical cows having spots, and Tom Callaway.)

You can also find full schedule details for the release naming process on the above page.  For those of you interested in reviewing the history of Fedora release names, there is an appropriately named wiki page for doing so:

I fully expect that, as always, we will have a delightful (and occasionally wacky) assortment of names to choose from - I look forward to seeing your suggestions!