First of all: thank you, fedora developers, for making such a great linux distro.

I think I have some good ideas and suggestions that might help you improve Fedora:

1) Create a new plymouth theme (or in other words, ask the artwork team to do so):
The current default plymouth theme is almost the same theme from fedora 11. I think we need to change it.

2) Plymouth boot splash background should match the gdm background
as I've explained here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=550321

3)Plymouth needs a graphical user interface to select the boot splash screen, with a preview of the selected theme, so the user wouldn't have to reboot to see if he likes the theme.

yum should select the mirror to download from in a smarter way, considering the current load on the mirror and the distance of the mirror from the user. This will help reduce the load on the mirrors and make the download faster for the user. The mirrorlist server should know what is the load on each mirror, and give yum the mirrorlist sorted by the load and the distance from the user. yum should prefer the less busy and closest mirror it can find.

5)PackageKit UI improvements:
   5.1)When downloading packages, display the percentage of the download progress on the progress bar
   5.2)Fix bug #551201 ( https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=551201 )

   5.3)Make it possible to undo transactions using gpk-log
6)BiDi problems with translations:
this problem is the most annoying thing in fedora for me. gnome-terminal for example doesn't have any bidi support. terminals are not supposed to support BiDi
but the problem begins with applications like pkcon or diff, in which terminal output is also translated.
that causes unreadable output. e.g if the output was supposed to be שלום it will display םולש.
there are two ways to fix this problem
  1) make gnome-terminal and others support BiDi output
  2) put a comment in each POT file that warns the translator about strings which will be written in the terminal so translators would know what should be translated
I think the first way is better.

7)Combine all hardware listing programs (e.g hwbrowser, usbview, lshw-gui) into one, comprehensive, easy to use GUI.

thank you for listening.