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Fedora has a number of problems
1) It hasn't managed inspire the same kind of fanaticism Debian has.  When in Debian something
is broken,
downright dangerous (eg signed packages came much later ) or just s..cks  it is
not a bug it is a feature.  Not such with Fedoora..

Oh it has its own fanaticism.. its just different and more nitpicky.
2)  It has an uninspiring installer.

Ok I need more information on what this means in comparison to what? I have installed pretty much every major Linux distribution and I have never found any one of them 'inspiring'. Even the Ubuntu one is more of "well at least its not the base Debian installer" versus "OMG I am alive and free because of this installer." So I need more information to understand what you are saying.
3)  A slow update manager and front ends aren't particularly attractive

Again.. I have found them all to be pretty slow and crappy. So what is in your eye attractive.
4)  After completing installation you have a lot more _unassisted_ postinstallation
configuration than in, say Suse or Mandriva.
5)  Config tools are poorer than in Suse or Mandriva(BTW did you set a "spy department" with the
task of keeping watch of what others were doing?) and are not task oriented.  For
instance in Suse if I try to configure a Windows printer the installer will automatically
check and install the Samba client packages.  And, just in case Fedora does that now
for printers, Suse and Mandriva do things like that for about everything.

I missed this part completely last time I installed them. I am guessing I must have skipped something obvious.
6)  Fedora hasn't managed to get the same kind of hype there is around  Ubuntu.  Partly
because of not benefitting of DEbian's propaganda network, partly because of points 2,3,4,5
and partly due to bad PR.

I think it is more that most of the Fedora developers aren't really interested in hype and actively tamper it down if it occurs anywhere. Better to set low expectations and consistently beat them versus set high expectations and disappoint constantly. [Not that I think this is wise.. just my view of 10 years of Fedora and 8 years of Red Hat Linux before that]

Stephen J Smoogen.