On 11/14/2016 05:20 PM, Andreas Tunek wrote:
If you are going to remove functionality/hardware support you should
at least announce it someway otherwise people (users and contributors)
will lose faith in your project.

I do not have an agenda here---I am just a Fedora-using grandpa on the sidelines, listening to this discussion. I have a comment for you, which I hope you take into consideration without taking it personally: please consider that your position comes across as demanding that Fedora supports Macs. Be careful using phrases like 'you should' and 'your project'; I think of Fedora as our project, on which we should do things to make it better.
Adam in particular is working hard on many useful projects; I personally would be very careful demanding things of him, because my own contributions are meager comparatively.

My sincere greetings, and respects