2013/1/31 Martin Sourada <martin.sourada@gmail.com>
Hi Marina,

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013 13:14:41 +0100
Marina Latini wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm an Ambassador and this proposal is confusing me.
> We have LibreOffice in our repositories; I think that bring back
> Apache OpenOffice generates only confusion between users, not freedom
> of choice.
The confusion is already there in Windows world, linux user should be
more capable of treating it as freedom of choice instead of confusion.
Also, since Apache took over OpenOffice.org and put it out of
incubation, it seems the development has been progressing rather well
and in a different direction than LibreOffice. While both started from
the same point, they're going to be different office suites with
different feature sets, different UIs, different devs, etc.

I think it's beneficial to provide Fedora users with the choice of
installing either, or even both, provided there's enough interest
among the devs to make it so. From a user point of view, I think the
main manpower for F19 should go into getting it into repos and solving
*all* conflicts. They should be parallel installable and should not
conflict even at runtime with each other. Especially the runtime
conflicts would be really confusing to (some of) our users.

With regards,

I think that's not the point, one of the two suites will be dominant and you can't provide both of them on a live image for example.
LibreOffice was introduced to our live images and we hit target 1GB, do you really think it could be useful having a larger image just because you want to provide both of the office suites?
I think Fedora did the right decision moving towards LibreOffice, we should maintain that. Never change a winning team :)
Robert Mayr