On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Paulo Cavalcanti <promac@gmail.com> wrote:

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Lennart Poettering <mzerqung@0pointer.de> wrote:
On Sun, 29.11.09 12:58, Paulo Cavalcanti (promac@gmail.com) wrote:

> Hi,
> I made a clean install of Fedora 12, and pulseaudio seems to be behaving
> completely different. Any mixer control I have (master, pcm, front ,,,)
> affects
> the pulse volume slider (looking at pavucontrol). In the past, pulse only
> controlled PCM, I guess.

> But the worst point is that there is no more application volume memory.
> All applications when launched are at full volume, and this is really
> annoying ...

That is not true, unless you reconfigured PA in some way...

You are right. This is true for some applications only,
and I found so far three applications needing to be fixed:

xmms, audacious and mplayer.
I installed audacious 2.2 and it is behaving much better.

xmms-pulse plugin was written by you, but I do not know if you are willing
to patch xmms.

mplayer will be fixed eventually.

Now that I understand what you have done, it seems to be a good idea indeed.

mplayer and audacious have been fixed upstream.

Regarding xmms,  I patched it myself:


I hope the patch is applied ...

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti