On Sun, 2016-11-13 at 05:03 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:

FYI, Neal Gompa has now put up a Copr with the DNF + Python 3 version of the 

This is interesting news for me.  I'm a long time user (in an employed capacity) of livecd-tools and it sort of felt like the project was circling the drain.  I've recently started playing with livemedia-creator and have found some aspects that look wonderfully powerful (e.g., the lorax templates) but have also found it frustrating to use when it doesn't like my kickstart.  I'm past that frustration (for now), but have hit another bump.  To make the spins from lm-c into what I need, I must modify the lorax templates and since our spins are done in our Koji there doesn't yet appear to be anyway to achieve that.

So I'm at a crossroad of enhancing Koji to support custom lorax templates or to maybe hold out for this breath of life in livecd-tools.  Are you planning to get this work into the livecd-tools in the standard Fedora repos?  What about Koji support?  Would this work as is or will that require further work?

I'm just trying to gauge where to focus my efforts project-wise.  Hopefully I can contribute something here.