On 12/11/16 08:13, Kevin Kofler wrote:

How is it "at the expense of every other platform we support"? It's not like 
the fix is going to stop them from working. It is not a catastrophe to ship 
one week later.

I don't use a Mac, I also don't dual-boot, but still I fail to see why this 
issue should be rejected as a blocker just to ship a week earlier. Fedora 
really needs to decrease the pressure to not slip, in order to ensure a 
reasonable quality of our releases. Blockers must be fixed no matter how 
long it takes.

        Kevin Kofler

Totally agree. It's always better to have a high quality system to offer whether it's released earlier or later, than a poor quality system that may fail and give a terrible impression to newcomers just for the sake of a fixed schedule.

My 2 cents.