On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 3:19 PM, Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler@chello.at> wrote:
> 1)  Um, with the exception of Fedora, every version of KDE4 I've seen now has
> an option for Plasma Theme in Configure Desktop.  Would it be too much work
> to port it here?

As far as I know, this is a KDE 4.1 feature. Some distributions are backporting
significant parts of Plasma from KDE 4.1. Fedora's Plasma is mostly vanilla
4.0.3 with only two small 4.1 backports related to the simple (classic) menu.

The plan is to have KDE 4.1 in an update when it's ready (unless it fails
testing spectacularly, of course), until then our feeling is that the version
of Plasma which upstream is actually releasing as stable is going to serve most
of our users better.
Yeah, that's what I figured.  I only brought this one up because AFAIK, the capability for it is in the upstream 4.0 release; there just wasn't a way of configuring it outside of  editing the config file manually until recently, and since KDE-Look is running a contest for Plasma Themes right now, I had a feeling you might get some questions about it when Fedora 9 is released.

> 3)  XSettings-KDE.  Is there going to be any work on getting this to work
> with KDE4?  I do notice that KDE3 apps listen to it (at least, that's my
> feeling), but GTK apps don't seem to do the same...

KDE doesn't use xsettings at all, the KDE 3 apps are looking directly at the
configuration settings (we're using shared configuration directories for KDE 3
and 4), not listening to xsettings-kde.
Okay, than what I'm seeing here is obviously a bug in the shared configuration, because when I had xsettings-kde installed, KDE3 apps matched KDE4 apps, but now KDE3 apps seem to be using something else ( though I can only really see it in the fonts, which seem to be using some other anti-alias settings than the ones I set).  I doubt I have to mention that KDE and Gnome seem to have different opinions on what really ought to be the same font measurements, and I've gotten used to ignoring that, but it seems really odd that KDE3 and KDE4 seem to use different font measurements as well... and neither of them match Gnome, either...

> 4)  Is there a reason Nepomuk is left out?  Just asking.

Nepomuk should be there! I've worked a lot on getting the dependencies
packaged. Is anything missing?
I'm referring to the SystemSettings module Nepomuk (though it's obviously more of a Strigi configuration screen); I believe the service itself is there.
> KWin is horribly unstable as-is, and I believe it also leaks memory
> periodically (I've had cases where KWin steals 80+% of the system resources
> and no other program can get at them at all).

Interesting, this is the first time we receive such a complaint. Any bugs
filed? (The best place is probably upstream bugs.kde.org.) Did you enable
effects/compositing in systemsettings? (If so, try disabling it, that feature
isn't fully tested yet.)
I don't have effects on at all.  If no one else is reporting problems, it might just be that I have a REALLY bad video card, which doesn't even support DRI under X, and so I can't do anything related to 3D and generally can't run anything that uses OpenGL at all...

Also, would it be possible to package some version of the Autostart SystemSettings module?  I actually have one that works under the current Fedora setup, and Autostart is rather convinient...