a fix for this problem is:
(see http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/java-service-wrapper.git/tree/java-service-wrapper.spec )
# rpmbuild < 4.6 support
%if ! 0%{?__isa_bits}
%ifarch x86_64 ia64 ppc64 sparc64 s390x alpha ppc64le aarch64
%global __isa_bits 64
%global __isa_bits 32

Il 13/02/2015 19:11, Kevin Fenzi ha scritto:
On Sat, 14 Feb 2015 00:45:50 +0900
Mamoru TASAKA <mtasaka@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

Note that this fails on "buildSRPMFromSCM", i.e. when creating srpm,
and not on "buildArch" (armv7hl, i686, x86_64), where rpmbuild the
newly created srpm is executed.

So when using mock, usually srpm is already there on your local disc.
But on koji, first koji tries to "create srpm" from SCM (git
repository), and when creating srpm, koji uses:

/usr/bin/rpmbuild -bs --target noarch --nodeps foo.spec

i.e. creating srpm is always done as noarch. Then after creating srpm,
arch-dependent (sometimes independent) rpmbuild foo.src.rpm is
This is not the case. Please see the earlier posts in this thread. ;) 

I think this might be a mock bug.


% koji mock-config --task 8921617 | grep target
config_opts['target_arch'] = 'x86_64'

but yet: 

ENTER do(['bash', '--login', '-c', '/usr/bin/rpmbuild -bs --target noarch --nodeps /builddir/build/SPECS/csdp.spec'], chrootPath='/var/lib/mock/f23-build-2951435-454610/root'shell=FalseprintOutput=Falseenv={'LANG': 'en_US.UTF-8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'HOSTNAME': 'mock', 'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'printf "\x1b]0;<mock-chroot>\x07<mock-chroot>"', 'HOME': '/builddir', 'PATH': '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin'}gid=425user='mockbuild'timeout=86400logger=<mockbuild.trace_decorator.getLog object at 0x7fdce02535d0>uid=1000)
Executing command: ['bash', '--login', '-c', '/usr/bin/rpmbuild -bs --target noarch --nodeps /builddir/build/SPECS/csdp.spec'] with env {'LANG': 'en_US.UTF-8', 'TERM': 'vt100', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'HOSTNAME': 'mock', 'PROMPT_COMMAND': 'printf "\x1b]0;<mock-chroot>\x07<mock-chroot>"', 'HOME': '/builddir', 'PATH': '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin'} and shell False

Can you file a bug against mock and we can see if the mock maintainers
can track it down?