On 11/11/16 10:08, Fabio Alessandro Locati wrote:

The reason is pretty simple: very few people have a disposable Mac.
About 90% of the time, the Mac people want to install Fedora on is
their personal laptop. So of course they're not willing to test
installing some random pre-Beta nightly snapshot and tell us if
everything explodes. We also can't i) easily or ii) legally (AFAIK)
install OS X into a VM on non-Apple hardware for testing.
I don't see why people should not have a disposable Macs but is "normal"
to have a disposable PC.
Also, AFAIK, Mac users tend to substitute their machines more often than
PC users (at least statistically speaking), so many of them should have
a 2-3 years old machine laying around.

Maybe because Apple stuff is very expensive?  It's not the kind of device you buy one day and dump it to the garbage in the next one... I think.