On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 12:32, Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> wrote:
Bill Nottingham (notting@redhat.com) said:
> It's going to be a bit of a bumpy first yum upgrade. You will likely have
> to reboot with 'reboot -f', as the job formats have changed
> slightly, and the communication with init(8) has changed.
> Once you reboot, things should work pretty much the same.

One notable change that was made is that we were able to simplify the
jobs to the point where the number of login consoles is now configurable,
without editing or removing upstart job definitions.

This is done by the ACTIVE_CONSOLES parameter in /etc/sysconfig/init;
the default value is "/dev/tty/[1-6]", which means that mingetty
will be started on ttys 1 through 6. Shell globs are accepted.

I updated from my machine from koji (yes, I know, even more insane than from rawhide)

After plymouth there is no X and no consoles.

Rebooting at runlevel 3 and doing a startx works.

Rebooting at runlevel 3 and doing a telinit 5 works.
(Filed against initscripts rather than upstart)