I have a question about contributing a package to Fedora.  Is it common for the author of an open source package to act as package maintainer?  Or is it better to have someone else be the package maintainer (who is more experienced with the Fedora build processes)?  I'm the author of a backup utility which fills a niche between tools based on rsync, and the heavy-weight full featured backup tools, which I think would be a good fit for a typical Fedora user.  I already have an SRPM available on the Github project site (www.snebu.com), but it may need a bit more work to get it in line with the Fedora build system.  I've also been reading through the package maintainer guidelines, and am willing to go through the process too, if needed.  I have already created my Fedora and Bugzilla accounts, and will spin up Koji this weekend to play with.