I need to orphan all of my packages.  In most cases, it would be great if someone (or more) could pick them up.  Let me know if you'd like any of them and I'll release them to you.

cfitsio -- Library for manipulating FITS data files
Already has co-maintainers; perhaps they want to step up?
getdata -- Library for reading and writing dirfile data
An excellent and easy to package data library.  Upstream is extremely responsive. 
hpic -- Healpix manipulation binaries and library
Could be orphaned; not used much anymore, but is trivial to maintain.
kst -- A data viewing program for KDE
A great program for plotting data (especially live data).  Currently in Fedora is the 1.x branch of kst; 2.0 has been released; I have a spec file ready but haven't had the time to push it though. 
slimdata -- Tools and library for reading and writing slim compressed data
This package also gets little use, but it is easy to maintain.