On Wednesday, September 30, 2020 2:45:28 PM WEST Iñaki Ucar wrote:

> The thing is that R(package) is meant to provide the original

> versioning (which allows hyphens and stuff), while R-package takes the

> adaptation to our versioning system. The problem is that we generally

> declare dependencies with R-package instead of R(package), and that's

> an issue in cases like this. I think that preserving the original

> versioning is a good idea, but we just need to switch to using

> R(package) to declare all dependencies, like Python, tex, etc.,

> already do.

After all there are no problem on our side.

The bug is in the upstream package metadata that wrongly replaced the dash by the dot.

That also says something about this version scheme (it is confusing), in particular because it is not uniform. :-)


José Abílio