Hi Richard,


14 is my favorite.


However, it’s so out of date that usually the VM is powered off. I usually power it on these days for nostalgic purposes.


Most of the time these days I’m running 18 for doing QA and packaging work.





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Hey Dan,

In all the given distributions in your post, is there one that you prefer more than the others?


On Dec 8, 2012 1:25 PM, "Dan Mashal" <dan.mashal@gmail.com> wrote:


This is great and is exactly what I was talking about.


For the record, yes I run rawhide.

I have Fedora 14,16,17,18 and 19 running here.


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On Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:31:54 +0100
Michael Scherer <misc@zarb.org> wrote:


> in fact speaking of more testing in rawhide, do you run rawhide ?
> If not, maybe that's something that is part of the problem, and the
> first step to a solution. IE, someone should volunteer, and get enough
> feedback on why people in the fedora community do not run rawhide.
> Once the problems are identified ( even roughly ), then the next step
> to correct them could be found.
> If the issue "people tell me to not do it", then we should change the
> message. If the issue is "I did it but this $class_of_bug made me lose
> months of work", then we should find a way to prevent $class_of_bug,
> and make it know. And so on.
> But just saying "more tests should be done on rawhide" doesn't make
> them happen. You cannot force people to run rawhide.


Just to highlight this... I intend to switch my laptop to rawhide and run it
and try and gather a like minded group of people to fix things as they break
faster and work on making rawhide more day to day consumable. I'll likely do
this switch over the holidays.

I'd like to continue to use this list for this effort (with the idea that
increasing signal here would be welcome).

Some random ideas:

Create a 'serious rawhide regression tracking bug'. Anyone can nominate bugs
to get added to that and we have a pool of people watching it who can fix or
nag maintainers to fix such issues as a higher priority. We would need to
come up with some critera for acceptance there.

Help improve autoqa efforts around rawhide and see if we can prevent broken
packages from even promoting into the collection.

Note directly rawhide related discussion on this list with a [rawhide] so
people can easily pick out workarounds and discussions on day to day rawhide

Try to give maintainers feedback when they push something to rawhide that
doesn't work at all, and help untag builds identified that do this before
they go out in the next compose.

Other ideas welcome.


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