On 11/11/16 14:33, Stephen Gallagher wrote:

Just to address this specifically, I am referring to Apple's penchant for
stuffing their machines with hardware from vendors that don't play well with
open-source (for example, switching to wifi-only devices and shipping Broadcom
chipsets with no open-source drivers). Then also playing games with their
bootloader system so that we have to go through lots of hoops to trick it into
letting us install.

Apple's entire business model is predicated on the idea that they know best and
you should only ever run software on their devices that they have provided to
you... at a substantial percentage for themselves. They do whatever they can at
a technical level to enable this.

(Note: I'm not attempting to vilify Apple here. Their devices are usually
sturdy, well-constructed and certainly attractive. They are however a company
trying to make money and they have a certain business model that is largely
dependent on *not* enabling us.)

Apple's business model is based on selling you a golden cage.  They are entitled to do that and we are entitled to dislike it.