There are two packges that are planned for Fedora, Im sure you have heard by now, pungi and pilgrim. These two will allow you to re-spin the Fedora install cds into another install cd(s), in the case of pungi or a live cd, in the case of pilgrim. From what I understand if you are simply using packages from the default fedora repos, you CAN keep the fedora logo. IF you are adding non-free packages or even free packages that are NOT from the default Fedora repos, then you must rebrand. I suspect these tools will help you do this re-branding, though I am not sure (it would be a good idea anyways, since it keeps people from have the excuse that they didn't know how to rebrand the distro). In this way you can build your on distro, with minimal fuss. Simply grab the neccessary packages from their appropriate repos(or build them) and then build the cd. you can then give that cd to your "new-to-linux" friends. You can then call in easy linux or something, and brand it really quick with something of your choosing. This way your friend doesn't have to worry about things "not-working", you don't have to be a "slave to his desktop" and nobody can say that fedora violated it's own principals. Alternatively, you can give him the default fedora cds with the fedorafrog script which will add all the non-free stuff he would need. I hope this helps