Thanks Damian,and I will update my package this evening.

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在 2011-06-26, Sun, 21:55:37 ,Damian L Brasher 写到:
(From digest - I have since switched digest off so I generate threaded responses) Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 18:39:20 +0100 From: Damian L Brasher Subject: Self Introduction >>Yanchuan wrote: >> >> Thanks to someone who will review my first package. >> >> That's all.Thanks. >> Yanchuan >I'll work on providing you some review feedback - ready for next >weekend, this will be my first - I still have some Fedora packaging >reading to do (aside from my own submissions). >Best Regards >Damian I have provided you some informal review feedback. Damian Brasher -- Interlinux Engineering Foundation Central, non-trading, administration, governance and dissemination of foundation intellectual property and know-how. -- devel mailing list