If they do have RPMs, wouldn't they have to release SRPMs too? And I don't think Red Hat is stupid enough to just say all willy nilly that the SELinux should be shut off for Zimbra. They probably did some work to make Zimbra play nice with SELinux.

On 11/3/07, Jos Vos <jos@xos.nl> wrote:
On Sat, Nov 03, 2007 at 04:58:11PM -0600, Jonathan Steffan wrote:

> They don't provide srpms. Even their rpms need to be installed with
> their install script. The rpms themselves assume very strange things
> that would never be accepted into fedora in their current state.. and
> this is just from watching the massive errors when installing without
> their installer script (and with selinux enforcing.. now that was a
> mess.. had to rebuild the server). I started to audit a policy for
> Zimbra and it made me green in the face.


> I really wish they would release an "addon" package set that could be
> integrated with existing distro maintained packages, but I highly doubt
> this will ever happen. This being after I've studied their install
> system and have had Zimbra in testing for a while.
> Please don't get me wrong... +1 to Zimbra for putting together a cool
> system, but don't expect to have a multipurpose machine after letting
> zimbra have it's way with your bits. A derivative distro would be more
> useful then what they have now :-/

This all is even worse than what I already from what I read and tried
(but I didn't go as far as you did).

I'm afraid is not in their interest if distros are capable of including
Zimbra.  They use Open Source mainly as a marketing tool, for the rest
the Open Source world can't do a lot with it :-(.

B.t.w., Red Hat eXchange (commercial and expensive add-ons for RHEL)
includes Zimbra.  Wondering if installing those RPMs (I assume they
provide RPMs) screw up your RHEL system too.

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