On 07/27/2018 05:31 AM, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
Hi I'm Jeff Mitchell and I volunteer for 2 charities in my city (currently unemployed).
Welcome! Props for helping others while you can.
I've frequently used Linux since 2007 and I'd like to become a Fedora package maintainer. I have two desktop PCs and I have Fedora 28 XFCE on my older system - I use this system to experiment on. I've read most of the guides on maintaining packages, now I just need a package to maintain...
You might consider becoming a co-packager for an existing package, if you don't already have an existing candidate package that you personally like.
As you self-describe as a hands-on guy, perhaps you'll like the packaging tutorial I wrote a while ago
Come to think about it, this may be up for an update---so please pitch in if you see something to add. In particular, there's no mention of localization in there, so please research and add something if you feel so inclined.
Similarly, I have a Vox Valvetronix guitar amplifier and after 6 years I finally discovered that you can only get good tones if you put the master volume up really high (master volume drives the tube). I wish I had a musician friend who could have told me that when I bought it! Nothing beats proper advice from someone who knows what they're doing.
Hey, does your master volume go to 11 :)?