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So what is the next step? Offering another kernel? Or allowing us to choose
a different package manager or packing format? Oh, wait, using multiple
different depsolvers has already been frowned upon.

Now why did *that* happen? It is Fedora, isn't it?

Sarcasm  isn't going to resolve the problems.  If you have a proposal, let's hear it.  Removing all the alternatives isn't an option.  Is it?

> Go-oo is entirely irrelevant to Fedora.

No, it is not. It is an important part of where LO came from.

Users don't care where LO comes from at all. 

I see. So how will you empower users to make an informed decision to choose
LO over AOO or the other way around?

Refer to my first post. 

And it will be the "default" until someone gets the bright idea of creating
an AOO spin, and that idea has already started floating around.

I don't expect this to happen, realistically speaking but regardless of that, spins don't change the default.  What we have as default is the single ISO in the fedoraproject.org page