Hello devel,

The NeuroFedora SIG is working to create a Comp-Neuro Fedora Labs live image/installer.  We would also like group our packages into an easier-to-install format for our target audience, which may include researchers who are new to Fedora.

To this end we would like to respectfully request the addition of two new groups in Comps.XML.

The first group would be "neuro-simulators" which would include several simulation packages as mandatory installs and a dozen or so python packages as default installs.

The second group would be "comp-neuro-tools" and would include many of the packages found on the Neuro-SIG group's page on src.fp.o as well as the software being packaged on the NeuroFedora pagure.

More information on the Comp-Neuro Lab image and NeuroFedora in general:

Danny Lee  <dreamer@panix.com>
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