On 3/29/06, Florian La Roche <laroche@redhat.com> wrote:
> The simple fact is GNU/Linux could do much better on this front and
> it appears we have no real plan or general consensus on how to proceed to
> in address this issue on a global scale.

A full ack on this, we would solve a lot of items if we could move
forward to have a standard lib for all this. But it will be very
hard to have agreement on how to solve it and even more to make
projects move over from their current ways.


Florian La Roche

I think the process of getting other projects to use this "standard" would be to put some though into the design and mark multiple backends and multiple interfaces part of the design. If there are libs, modules, languages binds, etc with as little dependancy hell as possible, I think projects will eventually gravitate to this solution. I know I wouldn't roll my own config parser if there is a perfectly good one already included on my system , or which can easily be added to any system.


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