On 3/29/06, Shane Stixrud <shane@geeklords.org> wrote:
On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, Arthur Pemberton wrote:

>> A full ack on this, we would solve a lot of items if we could move
>> forward to have a standard lib for all this. But it will be very
>> hard to have agreement on how to solve it and even more to make
>> projects move over from their current ways.
> I think the process of getting other projects to use this "standard" would
> be to put some though into the design and mark multiple backends and
> multiple interfaces part of the design. If there are libs, modules,
> languages binds, etc with as little dependancy hell as possible, I think
> projects will eventually gravitate to this solution. I know I wouldn't roll
> my own config parser if there is a perfectly good one already included on my
> system , or which can easily be added to any system.

I agree design is key here.  However our community generally wants no part
of discussing requirements and then writing specifications in English.
They want actual code... Is there a good case here for gathering
requirements and perhaps writing a specification, getting feedback from
the major players prior to code being written?


Only case I see here is individual desire. People passioate enough about this need to solve the problem. I and apperently many others simply do not see this as a big enough problem. I am actually suprised by the length of this thread. Don't get me wrong, I see the problem, and I think I understand it. It just isn't a hurdle I run into often. Now, if we were talking about the sendmail conf files....
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