On 25 July 2013 12:44, Jaroslav Reznik <jreznik@redhat.com> wrote:

Change is accepted under the condition that the conflicts with
libreoffice must be worked out. openoffice and libreoffice packagers
get to work them out. There is no Fesco mandate that libreoffice
must change to accomodate openoffice at this time. alternatives
is not the way to resolve the conflicts but environment-modules
may be looked at as a similar means to achieve that.

mattdm wants this to be perfectly clear: FESCo does not grant
automatic exceptions to our processes on any basis.

Once again branch has been reached without so much as a package review request with a sample spec file...

Can this farce please be ended and this 'self contained change' which is only there as a 'change' for PR by AOO be dropped and the proper channels for a new package be followed?