The proposal explicitly says that it doesn't envisage including OO on
any images or in any default install configurations, simply adding it as
an option in the package repositories.

Regardless of that I'm not sure what it really brings to the table compared to LibreOffice...

Looking at the release notes page for 3.4 what is here that is not already available via LO: ?

One might have thought of the improved symphony UI but that's not in place as of yet...

The 4.0 release is not expected until April last I saw on the AOO mailing lists so almost certainly won't make the F19 release and that's the first that looks like it'll have some major changes from what otherwise has barely been touched for years - and already long since superseded by LO.

Although a choice of office suites is nice it would seem sane to push back till F20 and see how the IBM stewardship (since it's mainly them driving this now) goes and what new user experiences it brings to the table post 4.0 once they've completed the symphony merge work.