On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Matthias Clasen <mclasen@redhat.com> wrote:
On Thu, 2013-10-31 at 12:13 +0100, Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> I have tested gnome-software to see the current state, compaired to
> gpk in F19, there is a lot stuff there cant be done.
> 1. You cant install backgrounds / icons

It is an application installer, first and foremost. Installing
backgrounds/icons/themes is not a priority. That being said, 3.11 can
install fonts and codecs.

I know that it is an application installer, but user want to install content also
and gpk can do that, so it is a regression in my world.

gnome-software cant install extra backgrounds and icons


> 2. Not all application found in the menu, can be found under
> installed, you can search for them and find them, but cant remove them
> (ex. Document viewer)

What menu ? And what application ?

We have a notion of 'core app' - for things that 'come with the OS'. We
don't allow to uninstall those.

It feels inconsitance that i cant remove evince, but it can remove other gnome apps like boxes and documents

gnome-software dont show all installed applications
> 3. if you search for 'icons' you get at lot of wrong positives, where
> there is no visible relation to icons in the text shown

Search looks at keywords from desktop files in addition to descriptions
and names. Would be good to see some concrete examples of the false
positives you get. I only get gnome-tweak-tool and some icon-related

search in package description, but dont show it
> 4. Description is missing from almost every application.

Richard has pushed very hard for getting descriptions upstream - you may
have seen his repeated posts on this topic. And we have made quite a bit
of progress. But getting every application equipped with a good
description, screenshots, and other metadata will take some time, and
some help from the packagers and maintainers of those applications.

I know Richard has pushed hard to get appdata for apps, but it do help the
end user, if lot of apps in gnome-software dont have any descriptions.

Look at System -> File Tools -> Caja-actions configuration tool

How should an end user have a clue what this app does ?
> I think the current state will make Fedora look limitted for new
> Fedora users.

Compared to Ubuntu, certainly. But compared to gpk-application F19, I
don't think so.

A tool like gnome-software targets novice enduser (IMHO) and more advanced user will tools like yum, dnf or yumex 
So I try to look at it like a novice end user, and they fill see a more friendly user interface, but they will not be able to find the things they are look for.
The Fedora art team has done a great job find good extra background images, but you have to use a command line to install it on the current F10 gnome desktop, I is not 
a good user experiense i my book.
Personal it is not a problem for me, but I would like Fedora to be as good as possible for new users, so i took some time to install the gnome desktop and check the state of thing
and report the issues I have found.