Do you see any possibilities of methodically cleaning these issues up?

On 10/29/07, Robert 'Bob' Jensen <> wrote:
King InuYasha wrote:
> I had noticed how well that Zimbra has been doing, and I was wondering
> if it would be possible for someone to make packages for Zimbra to be
> included in Fedora?

Well just my personal opinion... Zimbra might be doing well but the
deployment system leaves a lot to be desired. Best I can tell (installed
on CentOS5) the current version available is packaged with a broken
tomcat server. There are some other things that should or would need to
be addressed also such as the way zimbra provides things like mysqld,
postfix, ok everything that makes zimbra work.

Step one disable the firewall, step two disable SElinux, step three run
the install script that will do a lot of things including install the

Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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