23.06.2011 19:09, Matt Domsch wrote:
Below are the of packages which have outstanding FTBFS bugs from
earlier Fedora releases.  I've split them up by their 'dist' tag which
shows when they were last successfully built.

I recommend and propose to FESCo that all non-building packages with
Fedora 12 and 13 dist tags be considered for dropping prior to
branching Fedora 16.

Since Fedora 14:
agave-0.4.7-1.fc14 [u'631411 NEW'] (build/make) bonii
gnusim8085-1.3.6-1.fc14 [u'631067 NEW'] (build/make) sherry151,chitlesh
kazehakase-0.5.8-9.svn3873_trunk.fc14 [u'631305 NEW'] (build/make) mtasaka
link-grammar-4.6.7-3.fc14 [u'599978 NEW'] (build/make) uwog
rubygem-rcov-0.9.8-1.fc14 [u'631350 NEW'] (build/make) mmorsi
tilda-0.9.6-4.fc14 [u'631372 NEW'] (build/make) laxathom
Jiri Skala in that bug propose fix. If some help needed I also interesting to help maintain tilda.