I have already posted this message at the user list and received no answer.
If someone could say if he (or she) is using an LCD via a vga port,
it would be a beginning.


I am having problems connecting an LCD to a nvidia card
using a VGA port in FC6. I only succeeded using
either a DVI port or a DVI-VGA adaptor. With a real CRT
everything works fine.

I tried the VGA port approach in two different computers with two different graphics cards
(GeForce 4 and FX-5200), two different Samsung LCDs (510N and 710N), and got the same
result. With the nv driver, generally, the screen becomes black after a logout
and X does not return. The nvidia driver is even worse. If I manage to login,
the system hangs during a video intensive application, and opengl does not work.

I have never had any problem using FC5, what makes me believe that
the problem stems from xorg 7.1

Any suggestion will be really appreciated.


/Paulo Roma.