On Apr 28, 2012, at 1:53 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:

On Apr 28, 2012, at 1:22 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:

File system errors left uncorrected, failure to install along side Mac OS, Mactel boot

I have updated this bug. Does not occur with burned media. Only a dd'd USB stick, which fails verification but the user is not informed of the failure. I've recreated the USB stick twice, and both times if fails verification.

Interesting that "Use All Space" produces a bootable system. But "Replace Existing" and "Use Free Space" fail.

In any case, even with burned media and successful installation, the resulting F17 system is not choosable for booting. So dual boot installation is in effect a fail in all cases, I haven't figured out a work around.


Triple boot: Mac OS + Windows + Fedora is another matter, as Windows is rendered unbootable.

Because parted obliterates an existing hybrid MBR no matter what installation type is chosen, and the hybrid MBR is required for Windows to boot, any attempt to install F17 along side existing Mac OS + Windows will render Windows unbootable. The manual post install fix is to use gdisk to create a new hybrid MBR.

The question is how to position this in Release Notes or Installation Guide documentation. I think there should be a warning that Windows will be rendered unbootable, in any case:

1. Warn.
2. Warn and explain cause (hybrid MBR is removed).
3. Warn, explain, and suggest work around (gdisk).

I suggest option 1 or 2.

Chris Murphy