On 11/10/2016 10:09 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
FWIW, I did not really get the sense at all that people were voting for
 it as a blocker purely on the grounds that "we can get a fix in at the
last minute". A one week slip might feel short to you, I dunno, but I
think most release process people think it's a really long time and
hate it (hence the pressure to 'hero' sometimes). Having a *whole week*
to fix a blocker and respin and test, frankly, feels like quite a lot
of time, in a Fedora context.

If there's a consensus that issues are small enough so that the slip can be shorter, perhaps it'd be appropriate to consider something between the all-nighter 'hero-ing' and full week slip? Specifically, you guys make a technical decision that a known fix, respin and test will take two days, so you just postpone the release by that time, unless that specific process does not go as expected?