I have tested gnome-software to see the current state, compaired to gpk in F19, there is a lot stuff there cant be done.

1. You cant install backgrounds / icons
2. Not all application found in the menu, can be found under installed, you can search for them and find them, but cant remove them (ex. Document viewer)
3. if you search for 'icons' you get at lot of wrong positives, where there is no visible relation to icons in the text shown
4. Description is missing from almost every application.

This is just a few of the issues i have made bug reports on, but the main question is gnome-software ready for the one an only software manager for the primary
desktop for Fedora ?

I think the current state will make Fedora look limitted for new Fedora users.

PS. Please dont turn this into a flame war for/against gnome :)