On 9 January 2015 at 00:17, Felix Miata <mrmazda@earthlink.net> wrote:
P4 2.8G, no hyperthreading, with i865G video.

F20 and F21 work normally.

Kernel 3.19.0-0.rc3.git1.2.fc22.i686+PAE on an i686

Installing libinput didn't help.
Chmod 4711 /usr/bin/Xorg didn't help.

I am interested in knowing why it would...

OK first thing I would check is where in the stack is this occuring:

Does startx with twm/fvwm2/simple thing work?
If yes then I am expecting it is a KDE item and the kde lists will be needed to figure it out enough to punt back to the general list. EG KDE doesn't like working with two videos for some reason.
If no then it is an X thing and hopefully the X people can help you find out if it is a pure hard problem (your video card is no longer functioning correctly, needs some sort of microdriver update, etc) or is a software problem.
Or three the way you are starting a second startx only worked by magic before and some fix in the stack stopped the magic.
KDE in F22 works fine via KDM, but after 2nd icon paints starting from
startx, either plain without KDM running, or after logging in via KDM then
from a vty startx -- :1, the machine hard locks, no input from mouse or
keyboard is possible, and remote login dies.

If I do startx -- :1 from Konsole, I get dumped to a black screen, but
keyboard works to switch among all ttys, showing either login prompts, shell
prompt, or a cursor in upper left corner of an otherwise all black screen.
Top on the remote login remains active showing a single Xorg.bin,
plasma-desktop and krunner each.

I can't seem to find any clues about the lockups in dmesg, Xorg.0.log,
elsewhere in /var/log/ or from journalctl.
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