> > I know that Fedora is a Gnome based distribution but I prefer using KDE
> > instead.
> That's why there's a KDE SIG (Special Interest Group). :-)

Sorry, didn't know that. :)
> > I think it would be a good idea to split those big packges into
> > smaller/seperate ones. This way users will be able to install only the
> > utilities they want.
> This has come up in our KDE SIG IRC meetings already, and I'm afraid the
> consensus was that it is not desirable, it would be a PITA to maintain. What we
> did is split the less used apps of some components into -extras subpackages
> which are not installed on the live CD.

Ok, I understand.
> > One more thing is that KDE menus have the same programs in more than one
> > categories. Not a very good way to organize your pc. There are a lot of
> > entries that show up in the Administration, System, and Settings menus.
> Those are bugs in the respective programs (their menu entries have too many
> categories), we have filed bugs for all those we know about. If you notice a
> duplicate, please first check RH Bugzilla to see if it has already been filed,
> if not file a bug there.

I will take a look on that also. Thanks.


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