Den lör 21 nov. 2020 kl 15:31 skrev James Szinger <>:
On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:35:19 -0600
Brandon Nielsen <> wrote:
> If it has changed, it would be really great if pipewire-pulse could
> make it into the F33 repos so it could be easily tested.

I agree.  I think new software should be available and testable on a
stable Fedora release before it becomes default.  I’m not ready to
have a rawhide install on real hardware to test something that’s not
ready yet.  I am especially wary of a change that requires new
software to be written between now and beta.

I think this is a way too high burden on new features. Testing in rawhide should be enough. Something like pipewire is also pretty easy to test in a Live system.

Best regards

Remember, there was great anger and frustration when pulseaudio became
the default before it was ready (IMHO).  It has improved a lot since
then.  Please learn from them and make it easy for volunteers to test
this with real use before breaking everyone’s sound.  I have a few
things I want to try beyond what is in the how-to-test section.

Please provide simple instructions on how to test for F33/32 or defer
the change until F35.  Overall, pipewire sounds very promising; I just
want to be sure it is ready.

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