2010/5/4 Björn Persson <bjorn@xn--rombobjrn-67a.se>
Thomas Janssen wrote:
> Well, i wouldn't call a software that counts serverside downloads of
> FOSS software and gives based on that downloads/installations, a
> popularity suggestion in packagekit, spyware.
> There's nothing at all that gets sent out of your box.
> Remind, i'm not speaking of exactly popcon. I spoke about something in
> the server, just counting the download/installation (not even unique
> installations via some hash or whatever) and a packagekit extension
> that shows the count or something like stars or whatever.
> So, it has to be on by default.

I'm sorry if I misunderstood you, but if you talked about download statistics
then that was far from obvious. I got the impression that you talked about the
same thing as "yersinia", and "yersinia" talked about Popcon.
No. I have only post the question whether this feature, right or wrong as it can be, could be interesting in Fedora, as other distro have done elsewhere. Just to to hold a discussion, if there was interest in the functionality. I think it is better to open a debate  about a feature before seeing what is the best implementation for it, if exists at all or it is better to develop it from scratch.