> From: Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com>
> Oh, I should also note that, IIRC, the intent is that the driver should
> detect if there are no physical buttons and enable tap-to-click in this
> case. So touchpads which have no buttons and are only supposed to work
> with tap-to-click should be OK.

Where does my notebook's touchpad fall in this continuum?  At the bottom corners of the touch-sensitive area are two "buttons" which click with tactile feedback, but yet are still part of the touch-sensitive surface.  In other words, the bottom corners can actually be deformed/depressed.  FWIW, I enabled tap-to-click -- did I just answer my own question? -- simply because my wife and I both found the mouse to be moving off target too often when tried using these "buttons".
John Florian