On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 9:55 AM, Jamie Nguyen <j@jamielinux.com> wrote:
I don't think there are any official guidelines about ACL etiquette, but
the approach I've always taken before requesting ACLs is to first post a
comment on bugzilla or send an email to the owner(s) of the package to
ask if they'd be happy, just to be polite.

On quite a few occasions I've received an ACL request (or many) out of
the blue from a packager I haven't had any associated communication from
(via email or bugzilla). I just ignore these requests (and reject
eventually after giving them a chance to offer any form of communication).

Perhaps the fix for this is to have a comments field when requesting access to a package so you can easily do it in one step rather than have to use something else for the communications part.