On Thu, 2017-02-23 at 11:46 -0500, Przemek Klosowski wrote:
On 02/23/2017 10:25 AM, Gerald B. Cox wrote:
There are countless examples in the threads where people resort to "I'm offended" and "You've violated the Code of Conduct" to change the subject and deflect the entire thread.

The community in this list is very civil: when people get called out on some deviation, they almost always make amends and rephrase their argument in a way that allows technical discussion---both when they are criticized for offending and for being overly offended. Disagreeing without being disagreeable, and all that. Please let's keep it that way.

I am thankful to everyone for getting along, because the world out there is not necessarily all like that. Sorry if it sounds PolyAnna'ish but I felt it needed to be said.


Przemek: Thanks.