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Matthew Miller wrote:
Historical footnote: I believe it was initially added to help squeeze the
boot portion of Anaconda onto floppy disks. If the things you list are
really the only things using it, I think it's time to retire it

The package was actually imported by Enrico in 2005.

If what you say is correct, that would mean it was already retired and he
resurrected it.

I must admit that I've forgotten what review procedure had been used
in 2005. Only have found this odd thread:

   RFE: dietlibc review

Who remembers the details?

I just found this: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2005-March/msg00060.html

I also vaguely recall some controversial reviews, where Enrico insisted on using dietlibc instead of glibc for "performance reasons".

I see no reason not to keep dietlibc around for development use, but I'd rather see packages use glibc.

How should we sort out the devel ownership issue?  If we don't hear back in X time I just take that branch too, or what?


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