On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Debarshi Ray  wrote:
> Sarcasm  isn't going to resolve the problems.

But it might highlight the problem with this "lets have some more choices"

There are better ways to highlight that not to mention the examples you used already exist in Fedora.   I never advocated for more choices but you are trying to draw a arbitrary line.  I don't find that acceptable.  I

> let's hear it.  Removing all the alternatives isn't an option.  Is it?

You already heard it: "don't make it worse than it already is".

That doesn't solve the existing problem at all.   There is no reason why we should have say Epiphany but exclude Apache Openoffice.

Every now and then I get bugs arising out of forks and downstream patches that
get misfiled by confused users.

Better tooling and metadata will mitigate the problem.  Nothing will eliminate it entirely.  That's just impossible