2010/11/6 Till Maas
On Sat, Nov 06, 2010 at 12:23:00PM +0200, Alexander Kurtakov wrote:

> Why does everyone want to put more and more burden on maintainers and arguing
> about small things that users should do?
> How can you expect a maintainer to fix/respond to hundreds of bugs and not
> expect the user to verify his/her bug still applies?

I am an example of a user who sometimes send a report through ABRT but rarely replies in it, because I have no idea how to reproduce it. For example, if "randomly" (from my user point of view) Firefox or Empathy crashes, I suppose that the debug trace is enough for the author to see the problem. Unfortunately, if the maintainer asks me for more info, I will hardly be able to give it, because for me the crashes are random.

Sometimes I can guess a possible way of reproducing the bug, and then I add it as a comment in ABRT, but this is very strange.

So please, don't blame users for not replying bugs, because most of them will think that pushing the button (and waiting for all the debug packages to download) are enough work for them. Besides, most of them perhaps even don't speak English.

Sometimes I try to help finding duplicates, and I find bugs not detected automatically by ABRT because, although the trace is almost identical, the bug title is not, because the version of the package has changed a little. Perhaps this could be improved.

Sorry for the noise.