2013/2/1 Martin Sourada <martin.sourada@gmail.com>
Yes, defaults needs to be sensible and usable and for many people
that's what they end up with. I'm not saying we should go and have AOO
installed by default, but available in repos in a state that does not
conflict with LO (and other office suites *in official repos*) ;-) Think
about sysadmins, multi-user systems, ... Seeing a bug report saying "My
LO Writer segfaults with this error while AOO is installed" isn't
exactly helpful, but not having AOO isn't a solution. Hence I say OK to
adding AOO, as long as it wont conflict with LO both as package and in

Unlike pulseaudio (in the above linked thread), AOO is
end-user GUI application, not a library/daemon/sound-server/whatever
used to get the wanted sound to your headphones (that by design
interferes with anything else trying to do the same) ;-) By adding AOO
we're not breaking some third app, we might break LO and that's exactly
what I consider critical not to do. Is it doable? Are there people
willing and able to do that? If yes, sure, let them.


+1 Martin, that's the point.
LibreOffice is working quite well and must (!) therefore remain the default Office Suite, as new users want to have a Suite which is working on Fedora, and actually we know that LibreOffice is working very well.
Perhaps in the future we can say the same for OO, but not now, we don't know it yet. If someone wants to provide the OO packages ok, but as an alternative on the repo. And for those who want to install it, it shouldn't break anything on Fedora, even if the user wants to install both Suites, IMHO.
I hope you understand my point of view.

Robert Mayr